May 25, 2018

As promised....and as a continuation from my last post, I thought I would put together a short list of things which could be part of the way we talk to young women about sex - and this stuff doesn't just apply to young women too!...but every woman in the pursuit of a g...

May 24, 2018

“So go on, how was your night??..did you…?”


“How was it?!’

“Ah you know, good..yeh it was good – I mean I think I came.”

Oh no. No no no –  you do not ever think you have had an orgasm – you know. The earth literally moves. This is another conversation I’ve ha...

May 22, 2018

‘I’m going to have to start calling myself Mrs Bennett soon..!’’ – Mrs Kelly.

I have had no official serious boyfriend for just over 3 years. I've had my fun, I've dated and I keep my eyes open, but on the whole I’ve remained on my own. I’m not going to tell you that it...

“My husband died of brain cancer 6 months ago and I’m continuing the bucket list we wrote together before he died”. I looked up suddenly and had to quickly hide my surprise. “So that’s why we want to go paragliding – I know we’re a bit old but anyway Haha!” Carol (we’l...

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Hello! Im Sophie and I like fluffy kittens, rom-coms and sunset walks on the beach. OK, I’m just kidding (well maybe not about those sunset walks..) – but im Sophie and this is my blog dedicated to talking about absolutely anything and everything. No topic is off limits and I intend to share with you my travels, my insights, my struggles and my own experiences so that you may find some comfort and companionship in this glorious mess we call life. Enjoy x

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