August 1, 2018

“erm yes yes hello?...yes my name is Sophie Kelly I’m booked in for the assessment day today with yourselves – im just – im just (ahhh oh crap what now, what is this man doing?!) I had stopped at a zebra crossing and there was now a middle aged man standing directly in...

June 18, 2018

My Mum always says; "Sophie, you will never truly know a person until you’ve done business with them".  Well Mum, yes I agree - money can be very revealing (ever thought you liked someone and then found out they're the type of person that demands that 10p you borrowed...

May 19, 2018

Before I go on, I must just point out that when I’m writing this stuff, I do sometimes sit there and think ‘am I really qualified to give out ‘life lessons?? Who do I think I am??’ – and then I remember I only call it that because I haven't managed to think of a better...

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Hello! Im Sophie and I like fluffy kittens, rom-coms and sunset walks on the beach. OK, I’m just kidding (well maybe not about those sunset walks..) – but im Sophie and this is my blog dedicated to talking about absolutely anything and everything. No topic is off limits and I intend to share with you my travels, my insights, my struggles and my own experiences so that you may find some comfort and companionship in this glorious mess we call life. Enjoy x

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