I'm Sophie and welcome to my blog. Have a click and a scroll and feel free to say hello, get in touch and let me know what you think.  

I hope you enjoy what you read as I created it as a way of sharing some of the wisdom I accidentally acquired from many of my own messy life experiences. My own journey through my twenties has been a turbulent one involving failure, heartbreak, a fair bit of country hopping, job changes, numerous heroes and villains – and even a stint in a cheerleading squad.

Life can be hard and unfair and unpredictable and the pressures on young adults to ‘have it all figured out’ can be huge - and terrifying.  So I wanted to address some of lifes messier topics with the intention of leaving you with some hope, compassion and strength for any struggles you may be having in your own life right now.

            In 2012 I failed a re-sit examination by two marks which resulted in my exclusion from medical school. Almost overnight I lost my career, my confidence and myself. In the aftermath of this loss, the most important lesson I learnt was, like many others of my generation, I had tethered my self-worth to my professional success. This failure was one of the most significant experiences of my life and in the years that have followed, it has taught me to ‘opt out’ of the success race, slow the hell down, and take life at my own pace. In 2016, 4 years later at 27, I completed a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and my graduation day was one of the best days of my life.

Since then I’ve taken time out to tick off some items on the old bucket list, which has taken me to Italy and France, having some of the happiest (and most ridiculous!) moments of my life. What I have found through the many changes and challenges, is that there is no immunity from struggle – and that we need to talk (and laugh) about it more.

Sooooo, thank you for visiting and I hope I leave you feeling lighter, happier and more hopeful than when you arrived.

Life is tough - but so are you. 

Sophie :-) xxx

If you fancy saying hello, wish to collaborate or would like to re-publish any of my work feel free to drop me an email at: writtenbysoph@gmail.com.

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