• Sophie Eloise Kelly

15 Silly Small Wins that will always make your day (a little) better.

I am a huge fan of the small things in life, (yeh alright, take ya mind out of the gutter please...thank you...!), but big achievements, fancy holidays, fancy occasions etc etc - yes they're all great and wonderful but lets be honest, most of daily life isn't a party and can be pretty hum-drum - even for those in fanciest of existences. Your life is really an accumulation of what happens to you everyday, not just the high points that happen once in a while. So call it immature, juvenile, unsophisticated, - whatever you want - but recognising the little victories has always injected my day with small moments of joy it could have be so easy to overlook.

Soooo with that in mind, here are some of the best ones I can think of that can really perk up a bad day if you let them...

1) When you get your change back and it’s a load of REALLY SHINY coins.

Fresh from the mint. Or the queen. Or wherever they come from. Yes you are 6 again and you’ve just found the treasure...

2) Super-firm, super-thick Yoga leggings that go right up over your stomach and squash it flat.

I LOVE THESE. SO MUCH. Its’ like cheating the system. You get to experience what could be from actually making it to the gym and learning to say no to the m&ms. Suddenly you are one of those terribly fit perma-squatting 'fitness influencers just casually going about your day.."Yes, yes, this is my actual backside – I know, its amazing right? I’ve worked SO hard for this, I promise it is absolutely not just some over-priced super-hold lycra…”

3) No queue in your morning coffee shop.

YES. Thall shalt be heavily caffeinated and on time for work today! Excellent.

4) Receiving real handwritten snail-mail.

Not a bill, a dodgy pizza delivery menu or some other random marketing spam from a hardware company you bought a bookcase off 3 years ago. Just an exciting handwritten special something with a real stamp on it, allowing for an excited minute guessing who or where its come from before you open it. What an absolute luxury of an experience in 2019... (This is a hint, and yes my address is available on request...)

5) When someone elses’ pet seems to like you.

Is there any compliment higher than ‘ooo look, Barnaby (the dog/hamster/budgie etc) seems to have taken a shine to you!’ I swear there is no greater validation in this life than having someone elses’ golden retriever decide to start following you around for no other reason other than you’re just being you. Extra points if you manage to win over a cat - you’re basically a god(dess).

6) Finding a soft blanket so huge you can successfully turn yourself into a human burrito without leaving any draughty cold gaps.


7) Being drunk dialled.

By pretty much anyone. Ok this might sound a bit weird but seriously...of all the people in your life, I am the person you thought of when your brain was left unsupervised? Why thank you, I now feel very special and important...

8) Being complimented on something you created/helped make.

Always lovely to hear an appreciative remark over something you created; whether its blog posts, apple crumbles, silly cards, how you arranged the mugs in the work kitchen, kids you've produced. (I cant vouch for this last one but I always think it must be nice when someone praises your kid and its like 'I made that!!' etc etc..)

9) Receiving unexpected freebie chocolate.

With Freddo prices skyrocketing by the year, a free chocolate bar can feel like you've cheated the system somehow!

10) When you’re on a second/third date and the cinema is empty.

I’m awkward enough thanks, I don’t need the added pressure of a watching audience as I try to avoid tripping up the stairs on the way to my seat (and if its a date, this will happen...).

11) When the online shop allows you to use two or more discount codes at once.

Oh look its 30% off Wednesdays and I have a student discount..AND THEY LET ME USE THEM BOTH. TOGETHER. IN THE SAME PURCHASE. THE JOY.

12) When the spot you choose on the platform perfectly aligns with the doors of your train.

*I have entered the Matrix.*

13) Getting I’D-d north of 25.

No problem, I will very happily show you my ID, which you'll see clearly states I was born in the what people are now starting to refer to 'a simpler time'... Now tell me again how old you thought I was? (I just really like hearing you say it out loud....)

14) Receiving 7 when it said there was only 6 in the box.

7 chicken nuggets when its says there should be 6..?

15) Approaching a green light from afar and having it stay green closely followed by finding the *perfect* parking space...

yes yes and yes again.